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Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

4th Trimester - Closing of the Bones

For all moms in their 4th Trimester - Help your body to begin to heal and realign.

  • 2 hr
  • 200 US dollars
  • East Jackson Street

Service Description

What is it? The Closing of the Bones or “Cermonia de Cierre” is a not only a physical bodywork therapy that allows the Mothers body to begin to shift back into place, heal and close after birth; but more importantly Closing of the Bones is a cross-cultural ceremony for Mothers to integrate their rite of passage out of the liminal state of giving birth and fully transition into Motherhood. During this ceremony the therapist will use a Rebozo Cloth and a series of closing, locking and pulling techniques on the body in order to facilitate the body to begin to close up the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the Mother. This ceremony and the techniques help move the Mother and the birth portal back into the present moment and back into her body. This is particularly helpful if there was any birth trauma or a hard labor. In this ceremony, we bear witness to the Mother and we witness her crossing her rite of passage. This tradition is most well known in Mexico. However, it’s roots are cross-cultural. This technique is derived from the “Rebozo” techniques that were thought to come from Spain and brought to Mexico during the inquisition, however this technique actually came to Spain from the Arab decent. This postpartum work is also known in Russia as “The 7 Locks” and in Morocco as “The Pulling”. It is worth explicitly stating that this cross-cultural tradition is for ALL Women and ALL Mothers. All Mothers deserve to be witnessed as they complete their rite of passage into motherhood regardless of their ethnicity or cultural background. What to Wear? You will be fully clothed, but wearing comfortable, breathable and flexible clothes is best. I like to remind Mothers to wear socks! That is something we often overlook, but makes a difference during the session. If you arrive wearing sandals, bring a pair of socks. When to receive this work? It is ideal to receive this work around 6-8 weeks postpartum. However, whenever you feel called to receive this work is the right time! What to bring? Bring anything that makes you feel comfortable (blankets, favorite sweater, etc). We will have an alter set and ready for you, if you have anything special that you would like to place on the alter, please bring it. This can be anything from a Virgin de Guadalupe candle, rocks/gems, A Cross effigy, photos of loved ones or spiritual teachers, hand written notes, anything you are wanting to give thanks to, or leave behind and release. Any sacred items are welcome!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. We understand life happens & sometimes appointments need to be changed. Giving us as much notice as possible ensures that your appointment time can be offered to the next person in the waitlist. If you have additional questions or concerns, or need help canceling/rescheduling - please call, text or email us at or 720-355-5580.

Contact Details

  • 111 East Jackson Street suite 6, Burnet, TX, USA

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