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Embark On Your Sacred Journey

Healing Stones

Shamanic Illumination

The illumination process works with the seven major chakras to help open and restore energy. This process works by restoring the energy field by breaking up the energy associated with repeated negative cyclical patterns. This technique helps transform heavy energies into light and emotional wounds into sources of power, wisdom and knowledge.

Image by Anthony Ievlev


Hypnotherapy is the use of therapy in hypnosis, along with the minds own natural abilities to resolve issues, relieve emotional burdens and achieve personal goals. It is a safe and effective process that invoves the client and therapist working together to bring about positive changes in how you think feel and act. 

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

7 Chakra Illumination

The 7 Chakra Illumination works with the seven major chakras to help open and restore the energy field, very similar to the illumination works. The 7 chakra illumination is ideal for maintenance, and should be done once a year for anyone who has already been receiving regular shamanic healing. This is also ideal for a first session, it is a nice introduction to shamanic energy field work. This session is also ideal for those preparing to depart from this realm and transition/ascend into the next realm. 

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